The correct way to wash your hair. 

The correct way to wash your hair. 

A response to the "first conditioner then shampoo"-hype. 

I am a big advocate of “the internet is always right” , but the people on the interwebs can be quit wrong.
Like for example this theory circling the web about the order you should wash your hair in. its states that using your conditioner before using your shampoo will give you added volume and body. this makes absolutely no sense. In this article I would like to set the record straight. Conditioner is always the last step, never the first. A conditioner seals off the hair so that it stays strong and protected from outside harm like moist and heat. Using iton dirty hair would lock in the dirt and product build up that has cumulated over the previous days. Thus the correct order is still; 

STEP 1 : Shampoo, a shampoo cleanses your hair preparing it for the moisture and protein in the following treatments. 


STEP 2 : Deep masque, a deep masque isn’t always necessary   but advisable once a week.


STEP 3 : Conditioner, sealing off the hair locking in the moisture that it holds and the deeper nourishment from the masque in the previous step makes sure it stays strong, healthy and shiny. 


NOTE : if you find your hair gets too heavy from the masque or conditioner you need to change them for a less heavy variant, your stylist can always advise you the perfect treatments.

NOTE 2 : Some hair needs extra care so as a fourth step you can use a leave-in conditioner or nourishing serum. They should never be a replacement for a conditioner.

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