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5 Top Tips for Frizz Control.

stijnHair, Frizz, Tips, Tricks
5 Top Tips for Frizz Control.

Does your hair love to "frizz"? Are you living in a constant fear of the "frizz" sneaking up on you? Do you have to carry around a barometer at all times just to double-check if a place is not too humid for your gorgeous locks? Well, because you simply cannot punch everybody in the face who breathes to closely to your hair, here are 5 top tips for frizz-control. (Thank me later.)

1. Hand Creams : 

Most women carry a small tube of hand cream in their purse. Simply rub a bit into your hands before running your hands gently trough the lengths of your about-to-frizz hairdo.

2. Prevention is Key :

Always keep a hair-tie at hand so that when life forces you to enter a humid zone, (like bathrooms, kitchens and/or Thailand) you're covered. You can make sure that no air or moisture can pass through the hair by twisting it tight into a ballerina bun. Effortless and frizz-free. 

3. Invest in ceramics :

The use of a 100% ceramic flat iron will prevent future frizzing. (My personal favorite, at the moment, is the second generation CHI flat iron.) 

4. Conditioner is Bae :

Also known as : Conditioner Before Anything Else. That is correct. By conditioning your hair before washing it, you give it double the moisture it desperately seeks and its be more likely to stay down. Personally, I like to apply conditioner to my hair the night before and then wash it in the morning. (Do not forget to still condition your hair after the wash!)

5. Just leave it.

A leave-in conditioner can weigh down your hair just enough to add some extra control. Adding a leave-in to your hair-routine will also prevent split ends. Which will benefit your overall polished look. 

So there you have it. No more walking around packed with plastic nana-caps and running for your life every time things gets cloudy.