All vespas ride to Rome.

All vespas ride to Rome.

When in Rome, do as Romans do… and that means in style.

For as little as 40 EURO for half a day or 58 EURO for an entire day you can now discover Rome and all its majestic beauty. You can rent a vintage-look Vespa and cruise around town. You can find the link to one-of-many Vespa rental places here.
At the COSTA DEL we have an app for everything. So here are the 4 must-have apps to download when visiting Rome.

1. Rome mTrip :
This app lets you plan your journey around all the things you would like to do and visit, offers offline maps and also lets you keep a journal of all the things you have done during your stay. / Price : 4,99 EURO (Still cheaper then a travel journal.)

2. Google Translate :
While Italians are famous for their deadly charm and exquisite cuisine , they are less for their amazing language skills. Therefor (sometimes) this app could save your life. (Trust me, without it I almost ate cooked intestines last time I visited.) / This is a free app.

3. Hidden Rome :
Get to the lesser known treasures of town without losing time to hustle locals to give up their secrets. / This app is free but has a payed upgrade without the adds and pop-ups.

4. Eat Italy :
Don't fall into the usual tourist traps. Within this app you can buy the 'Eat Rome' acces and it will give you the nicest suggestions on where to go and how pricy the restaurant will be. Elizabeth Helman, who has created the app, is a chef and a food-blogger who only wants the very best carbs for you. / The Eat Italy app is free but the in-app purchase for 'Eat Rome' costs 3,99 EURO.

Enjoy your stay! And remember… we at COSTA DEL only Rome the best for you.